200.000 Ft

Includes 27% VAT.

The price refers to the maximum size of a board, which measures 150 x 300 cm, but can be ordered in a smaller size. The price varies depending on this.


Ideal for glossy surfaces to mimic graphics with specific details and vibrant colors, such as designs that reproduce natural stones and gemstones, including onyx, agate, quartz, marble and granite.
The Smart Panel revolutionizes the world of large panels and wall coverings. Implemented in polycarbonate, a large decorative panel (up to 150x300 cm), ultra-thin (only 2.5 mm thick), ultra-light (3 kg / m2) and extremely flexible can also be used for bent walls and columns. Moreover, due to its polycarbonate composition, it is perfect for wet environments such as bathrooms and showers.


Smart Panel Double Face is a two-phase version of Smart Panel. Like the original, this board combines the lightness of PVC with the strength and gloss of transparent PMMA. Due to the dual graphics, this panel is especially suitable for sophisticated partitions or as a perfect decorative element in a stylish environment. This product is fitted with a profile edge for a more elegant result. The Smart Panel Double Face is 9 mm thick.


With backlighting, Dècora Lux panels play with resin transparency and PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) underlay opal to bring coverings, decorations and cozy lighting to life. The thickness of the panels is 10 mm.