Omexco Khatam

The Khatam collection, which is a blend of nature and precious metal, brings sparkling elegance and soft sparkle to your walls.
It brings a decorated nature to your home.
The Khatam collection explores the most beautiful properties of cork, a stunning, natural, and renewable material. With soft-touch, beautiful-toned shades, this cork collection has a matte finish. The complexity of the Venetian floor patterns and the beautiful patterns of the Persian inlays inspired us, combining Eastern and Western works of art.
The workmanship is precise yet sophisticated. The bark from the cork oak is harvested, combined in a block shape, cut into fine leaves, placed on a metallic background, and then colored or printed. The natural beauty of cork is carefully enhanced by unique painting methods. The colors are decorated with gold, silver or copper glitter.

We also made two impressive inlays. The artisan places the delicate cork leaves by hand in a delicate geometric design, creating wonderful insert patterns that result in a luxurious elegant wall covering.

The timeless collection of contemporary neutral tones and shades contrasts with the striking jewel colors of peacock blue, charcoal, leaf green and red rust. Closely related to nature, the Khatam collection is authentic, elegant and fully suits the modern lifestyle.

Omexco KHA5.

Omexco KHA5

36.690 Ft

Omexco KHA6.

Omexco KHA6

50.510 Ft

Omexco KHA4.

Omexco KHA4

36.690 Ft

Omexco KHA3.

Omexco KHA3

36.690 Ft

Omexco KHA2.

Omexco KHA2

50.510 Ft

Omexco KHA1.

Omexco KHA1

36.690 Ft